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Koštrun, Suhadolnik, Babnik - 1 is 2

  • Fotogalerija Stolp 6 Židovska ulica Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000 Slovenia (map)

1 is 2

[Jaka Babnik, Peter Koštrun, Jože Suhadolnik]

20. 9.-15. 10. 2018
Fotogalerija Stolp
Židovska ulica 6, Maribor
Production: Fotoklub Maribor

The group exhibition 1 is 2 presents the works of three photographers and visual creators that despite their expressively authorial and imaginative diversity are irresistibly connected. Jože Suhadolnik ranked in the past as some kind of mentor to his younger colleagues Jaka Babnik and Peter Koštrun in their formative period, but today they are indispensable interlocutors and mutual critics.
Though their creative practices differ very much and are specifically directed in the treatment of selected contents their visual thoughts connect in some very universal standpoints. All are consequent analyst of the modern age in times of its radical transformation in the sense of production and distribution and also as interpreter of collective and intimate phenomena in own environment. What have they then in common, the conceptual hyper-art Tomason , Neue Slowenische Kunst and metaphorical landscapes? On the first sight nothing tangible. But knowing the broader context it shows that the triple - each time from utmost different formal, technical and conceptual starting points - reacts without compromise and deep to important (for them) social phenomena.
In the documentary structured cycle Why So Serious? Jaka Babnik is focusing on permanent or temporary art structures that obviously serve no rational purpose and for which it is often not clear, what was their original function. Here he leans on the Tomason concept as set forth by the Japanese artist Akasegawa Genpei. By that Babnik consistently continues its own photographic expression, devoting to the exploration of human existence environment and asking questions about the nature of public and private space.  He asks about who defines the standards of their external image and about the background of these fictive paradoxes.
Peter Koštrun presents works from different contexts; i.e. hand-made photographs from the project   Slutnja (Clue) (2015), confronting these photographs with the selection of found photographs from his own collection. These images express the author's apparently complicated relationship to the world. On one side, the large format red toned photography subtly points to the traps of the human perception of their own environment, to the daily saturation with contents (and images) and interpersonal relationships. Found black-and-white images standing there as counterpoint, considering the humankind as it is and questioning the phrase on the human nature that should be responsible for all past and future civilisation traumas.
The documentary photographer Jože Suhadolnik presents works from the series NSK 1984-1999. In the flow of his photographic activity he managed to create the extraordinary chronology of the domestic phenomena Neue Slowenische Kunst, processing it outside the expected documentary-historical frames. The photographs emphasise the author's approach to the treatment of the protagonists and events, offering the intimate insight into the phenomena, emerging today as an indispensable part of the canonised history. The author embraced the NSK collective as a motif and an artistry, exceeding the pure art document and historical records by showing the participants and the events in their complete ambivalence.

Jaka Babnik (1979)

graduated in sociology and history on the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. From 1996 he acts as s freelance artist, photographer, editor and filmmaker, shooting a large number of photographic series and films about the Slovenian skater scene. He established himself with numerous echoed projects, as We Are Dogs! (2009), Jebodrom (2014), Holy Land (2016-2017), Why So Serious? (2016-2017), Heroji mojega časa (Heroes of my time) (2017) and Top lokacija (Top location) (2017). From 2012 and together with Boštjan Pavletič he manages the independent publishing house Rostfrei Publishing. He lives and works in Ljubljana.


In the period of 1998-2001 Peter Koštrun

(1979) was employed as official photographer of the Prime minister's Office and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. In the year of 2007 he graduated on the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, at the same time he regularly exhibits from 2003 at home and abroad. Some of his key works and exhibitions are Tišina IV (Silence IV) (2008), Sedanjost (Present) (2009), Singularnost (Singularity) (2011) and Slutnja (Clue) (2015). Now he is professionally active in the field of photography as associate professor on the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He lives and works in Brnica pri Celju.


Jože Suhadolnik (1966)

begun to deal with photography in early eighties as a chronologist of the lively punk and alternative scene in Ljubljana. At sixteen he became the photographer of the Yugoslav Press Agency Tanjug and the newspaper Mladina; in 1993 he was a cofounder of the photographic agency Bobo, in the meanwhile regularly cooperating with the agencies Reuters, Associated Press and EPA. He worked as photographic editor, today he is working as a photo-reporter with the newspaper Delo. In his rich career he published numerous much-noticed works, as Portreti (Portraits) (1996), Jutra v Rusiji (Morning in Russia) (2005), NSK 1984-1999 (2012) and Balkan Punk (2014). He lives and works in Ljubljana.



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