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Alexander M. Harley - "Places of Solitude" in Bakili Yasir Abdul Vahab - "Unaddressed"

  • Galerija Media Nox 12 Židovska ulica Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000 Slovenia (map)

Exhibition -Places of Solitude - Alexander Harley

Over the last six years I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many beautiful places from the granite walls of Yosemite in California to the creaking glacial lakes of Iceland, the mountainous roads of Scotland and even through inspirational parks of London. Each destination more unique and divine than the last.
Many of these places I have visited have brought me much solace. They can be empowering and mindful but they can also create feelings of great loneliness. Solitude gives me time to reflect and appreciate what I have.
I’ve always believed that nature has a way of persuading you to think in the moment, the current place and time in which you are embraced in. You can smell the air of the seasons, hear the sounds of the wind gently brushing against the trees and feel the ground beneath your feet all in a moment of euphoria.
I believe that solitude can have many aspects; you can feel just as much secluded in a baron mountain range in as you can in a city surrounded by people. The intention of this exhibition is to encourage the conversation of how solitude effects the viewer. Some people may fear the idea of being alone and need constant distraction to cope, others could long for it and prefer their own company to others. Some may fear the wilderness and others might feel more at home.
Within these photographs I hope the viewer finds solace in whatever form that may take.   

Artist statement – Alexander Harley

Being raised in the south coast of England and living on the edge of the new forest has been an incredible influence on me. I’ve spent days exploring the forests on my doorstep and the Jurassic coast line. These places have helped fuel my passion for exploration and natural beauty.
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many incredible countries over the years and embrace different cultures and landscapes beyond my imagination. I try to create a sense of naturalism in my photographs to show the honest beauty of a scene but at the same time I wish to influence an aspect of surrealism.
All of my images are created using an iPhone. I’ve never been comfortable with using a DSLR as I feel you can ruin the purity of what you’re trying to encapsulate. I try to discipline myself to use the iPhone in a similar way I would use a film camera, think out the shots carefully and use them sparingly. It’s very rare I would take more than two photos of the same scene. This allows me to stay within in the moment and use a medium I can truthfully express myself with.  


Bakili Yasir Abdulvahab (1983, Gurajat, India)

He's fascinated by Art, Forms and Nature Photography which is also his creative outlet for sharing his passion. His aim is to try and communicate the brilliance, beauty and fragility through photography. In 2005 he graduated from 3D animation and is currently employed as Manager at "Pixel Solution" Architectural walkthrough and 3D animation company, Valsad.

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Unaddressed (Feelings of Teens on dilapidated walls)

when I move around in my solitude with my camera in the outskirts of my Small city Valsad (Gujarat, India), My inner eyes happen to come across certain traces of inner bruises of teens reflecting their inner echoing of their unfulfilled desires or dreams they long for. The teens are passing through a profound transitional phase. Traces of their agonies, sorrows, unhappiness, boredom, resentment, anger, worries, stress, anxiety, love, lust and many more such mental upheaval have started coming out from their undue behavior and through various ways of their expression in their language, relationship and their extravagant ways of their thoughts.
When I pass through the abandoned places and houses I hear an echo of all this. On walls I read their incompletely written expressions in the forms of graffiti and scribbles. These teens seem lost in some unknown shore of destruction.  I read their addiction of all sorts on walls; I smell smoke of their inner fires and I feel a deep void of meaningfulness of their life.  This dark side of our forthcoming generation, I have tried to click with a deep sense of disappointment. I have an understanding of childhood and teenage to be of cheerfulness, playfulness and blissfulness. Joy, happiness and merrymaking were the addiction of the teens in my days ... Where is that weightlessness and stresslessness ? Where is that joy and jubilation? Where is that burning passion and vision?
My camera captures only questions without any answers.

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