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Branimir Ritonja - ARNOUSHA (ARNUŠA)

  • E2RD Gallery 34 Gosposka ulica Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000 Slovenia (map)


Arnousha’s portrait cannot be just passed by, as with her charismatic gaze she chains the visitor to herself. But it is not only the gaze that invokes non-verbal communication between the portrayed women; there is a series of artistic elements, causing the portrait to look modern and at the same time historical. The three-quarter turn of the body and the light exclamation mark, directed into the face of the young lady and defined by colour dullness, being more monochromatic than a clear colour palette, additionally create the atmosphere of mysterious. Arnousha’s deep and narrative gazing is aligned alongside a few really exceptional artistic works in the spectator’s memory, which continue to confuse with their shrewd gazes art enthusiasts as well as expert disputes. The seriousness of the young lady in the dimness of cold spotlights offers more questions than answers, and so something unaware invites us on and on to her eyes. The gaze of Arnousha is namely so precise that by its bluntness the spectator is surprised and shocked as they would be by an insight beyond our bodies.
The creation of the portrait was a play of coincidences, as Arnousha (her real name is a little bit altered) is a young lady from Maribor, met by the photographer accidentally during an event and later invited to the portraying in the studio. Branimir Ritonja was awarded the Bronze Medal for the photography of Arnousha on the SALON DES BEAUX ARTS, Carrousel du Louvre Paris.
Production: Fotoklub Maribor

Branimir Ritonja

Until today, 48 solo exhibitions are recorded for Branimir Ritonja and he participated in over 600 group exhibitions; for his works, he has received over 110 awards, among them the Medal of the Photographic Federation of France, the Glazer’s Charter for achievements in the field of culture, the Golden Medal of the Association of Cultural Societies of Slovenia and the Bronze Medal on the SALON DES BEAUX ARTS, Carousell du Louvre, Paris.
He was born in 1961 and graduated from the Faculty of Security Studies. As a barely 12-year-old boy he made his first black and white photography in the school darkroom. In 1981 he joined the Fotoklub Maribor, where he met Ivan Dvoršak, who was his mentor for the next few years. The Photographic Federation of Yugoslavia (FZJ) awarded him in 1989 also the title Master of Photography Candidate. In the beginning of the nineties, he starts using a medium-format camera. In this time the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) awards him in 1995 the title Artist Photographer (AFIAP). As an extremely active member of the FK Maribor he became the Arts Manager of their Photo gallery Stolp. Two years later he was awarded the title Master of Photography by the Photographic Association of Slovenia. Immediately before the entry into the new millennium he began to experiment with digital photographic technology. In 2002 he was elected President of the Fotoklub Maribor. In the same year he also started to experiment with the photography on stones. In the year of 2007 he became a member of the Association of Slovenia Fine Artists Societies and DLUM (Fine Artists Society Maribor). In the Arts Showroom of the University of Maribor Library and in the Gallery DLUM in Maribor he exhibited in 2011 a series of portraits of artists from Maribor, that were published also in a chronological publication – book on the 25thanniversary of the Glazer’s Award. He was selected in 2012 to represent Slovenia with his collection of photos "Kaznilnica" (Prison) at the travelling exhibition "Focusing on Central Europe".   

mobile phone: +386 51 336 991.