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Goran Pavletić - The Privilege of Solitude

  • Sinagoga Maribor 4 Židovska ulica Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000 Slovenia (map)


Pavletić is an artist of solitude. Self-denying, but gentle and soft in his subtleness of the voyeur, waiting with patience for the just right motive.
Although starting his art career with the study of film and mastering all necessary for the profession of the film director, he has chosen another way or realisation and experience-gathering through the management in culture.
After long years, successful spent in giving chances to others; finally the time arrived for the decision to give himself the most of space and possibilities through the photography as the medium.
The selection of photographs is a logical evolution inside the medium, going to the known – the film frame in that one picture sends and speaks dozens of dialogues and film minutes or just has atmosphere. Goran`s short, one-frames, needing no frame before nor after, are little films of far reach.
Painstakingly selected shooting angle, the special photographer`s karma attracting motives, architecture as unavoidable protagonist, and the human figure, mostly alone, in a silhouette, form the scenarios of these films, their follow-ups we proceed to see alone, each for himself. The director`s principle by which all in the frame must mean something, functions equally well in the minimalistic selection of the motives as in the richer one, where more meanings are pushed into a frame, opening at the same time the space for individual interpretation.
The voyages, inside his home town and also in the Central European circle, are components of the search for lost film pictures of a scenario or a book template, the author carries with him, always leaving a few empty pages, to enable the inspiration to express its unexpected, but the best story to shoot.  And exactly this freedom of creation and unbiasedness by the complex and demanding mechanism of the film production can be seen in each Pavletić`s photography through the mature and syncretic setting of the frame. The loneliness on his photographs is not sadness, it is more a privilege reached by own selection and not by rejection or unacceptance.
Embedded in the surroundings, it indeed shows the moment of joy, where the photographer records the moment, in which all served just for this one photography, becoming also its scenography and requisites. On Pavletić`s photographs, people are his actors, stars in film talking about the privilege of loneliness, about the benefit of being in solitude, the introspection, each step out of which leads only forward.  It could be said, we became witnesses of the evaporation of the directors craft in the film sense and getting an outstanding photographer.
It is all about one aesthete, inspired by tradition, boldly waking in the footprints of masters of black and white photography of the first half of the 20th century from Paris and Zagreb, of which photographs many film directors and cinematographers have borrowed motives and style.
Production: Fotoklub Maribor   

Emil Matešić
Goran Pavletić -   art photographer and graduate film and television director. I have graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. I have directed several documentary films; some of which were presented at film festivals in Croatia, Germany and Italy. My film "Behind the Cross" was featured several times on the HRT TV and was published as a DVD by "Orfej". I also was the assistant director in the American movie »Death Train« with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role, among other well-known actors, such as Christopher Lee, Paul Smith and Alexandra Paul and with the movie of Zrinka Ogreste "Fragments" with the actors Filip Šovagović and Alm Price.  I express my art photography work mainly through street photography. I was selected in the closer selection in the contests Foto City 2015 and 2016for the best shots of photographers from south-eastern Europe and exhibited in collective exhibitions in Croatia in the same. In 2017, I was selected as a participant in the group exhibition Monochromeat the gallery Blank Wall in Athens, Greece.   The best-known magazine for users of Fujifilm cameras and equipment, the FUJILOVE,asked me to present myself to its readers. In the contest of the famous world award International Photographer of the Year 2016 IPOTY,I earned two awards: Honourable mention in street photography andfine art landscape photography. I also earned theHonourable mention for street photographyat the IPOTY 2017as well as the Honourable mention in fine art landscape photography. In the international contest MONOVISIONS 2017 I earned the Honourable mention for monochrome photography. In the contest of the American Photography Association Motif Collectivein 2017, I earned the first place for my photography.The Italian collective of street photography Street Level Photographyranged my photography among the best 60 street photographs in 2017. Three of my photographs were included in the photo monography Streets Notes2017among twenty-two authors from all over the world. This year, the publishing house Bella Figura is going to edit the photo monography Dream of Venice in Black and White,where two of my photographs will be enlisted. I had a major solo photography exhibition in February 2018 atthe KIC Galerija na katu in Zagreb and in March at the City Museum of Rijeka. For this year I plan solo exhibitions in Dubrovnik and Maribor (Slovenia).  
I am a member of the photographers’ association Kadar 36.

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