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Erik Mavrič, Nina Sotelšek - 47 Kilometres of Slovenian Coast

  • Centralna Postaja 5 Koroška cesta Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000 Slovenia (map)

47 Kilometres of Slovenian Coast

A precisely allotted rhythm, an admirable consistency and solidity in the creative process and a focus on the set goal, mark the complete photographic project 47 Kilometres of Slovenian Coast by Nina Sotelšek and Erik Mavrič.   The conceptually designed work presents an achievement worthy of the pioneer explorers of unrevealed grounds. In several stages from March 2016 to May 2017, the authors explored the complete Slovenian coastline on foot, taking a photograph each 10 steps. From over eight thousand photographs made, a selection of cadres with the common thread of the contact between land and sea is exhibited. The repeating rhythm requires a patient eye from the spectator, travelling from one snapshot to another – like the authors – over remote, unattractive, impassable coast; areas overgrown with grass and real mangroves; areas degraded by junk and dirt up to unspoiled nature, tidy beaches, roads and harbours and populated areas. The anthropometrically set rhythm, dictated by the human body or the step, creating relationships and rhythms in harmony with human kind, therefore being close to them. Repetitiveness, also being part of the creative process, is comparable to the repeating of a mantra; it contributes the state of a focussed area and tranquillity to the landscape. The eternalised path itself carries the seal of contemplative sensation, pervading the authors, as they with attentive eye and mind stepped over the narrow connecting line of earth and water, surrendering them in this primal touch to the intimate harangue of the space.   
Production: Fotoklub Maribor