You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams

The Festival of Photography Maribor 2019

World in light

This year's realisation of the photographic festival in Maribor is dedicated to landscapes and the environment, which will be exposed from different angles via exhibitions that mainly address the contemporary artistic treatment of this topic. Photographic techniques, formal and substantive challenges, ecology, politics, science, fantasy, as well as the definition of motif within the art history profession are very topical themes and something both artists and experts as well as the general public are dealing with.

One of the most common motifs in photography is the landscape, whether it is a view of the nature or the places created by man, the architecture. The architecture in this case represents a cultural landscape, a landscape that is a web of imagination and the potential of material realisation. Culture and nature were recently, maybe a good 200 years ago, two clearly identifiable and separate categories in the perception of the world. Culture has steadily invaded nature to the extent that some scientists have named the current geological period as Anthropocene, as it has become clear that human activity affects global processes.

However, nature also permanently invades culture. It was once thought that nature needed to be tamed and that humans with their mind can accomplished that, but it continues to be seen, even if only with a thin blade of grass in the midst of a paved car park, how thin a layer human consciousness and all activity derived from it is. In addition, nature is very enlarged, extending beyond the boundaries of the visible universe. Nature, wilderness, the unconscious, whatever we call it, invades repeatedly through the smallest cracks spreading also fierceness and destruction just everywhere.

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